With you…☁️🌈🐻

That faint voice of yours that grazed me😳
Please call my name one more time🙂
I’m standing still under the frozen light, but😉
I will walk towards you, step by step
Still with you💜
A pitch dark room🌆
I shouldn’t get used to it
But I’m used to it again😌
The low-pitched sound of the air conditioner🙁
If I don’t have this, I might just fall apart😣
We laugh together, we cry together😝
These simple feelings were everything I had🙃
When will it be?
If I see you again
I will look into your eyes👀
And say, “I missed you”
In a rapturous memory❣️
The rain pours even when I dance alone🌧️
By the time this mist clears🌫️
I’ll run with my feet wet👣
So hug me then🤗
The moon looks lonely🌙
Like it’s crying in the bright night sky⭐🌟
Even though I always know the morning will come🌈
I want to stay in your sky like a star☁️☁️☁️

The day, that moment
If I knew this was gonna happen
I would have remembered more of them🙃
When will it be?
If I see you again👀
I will look into your eyes👀
And say, “I missed you”😣
In a rapturous memory
The rain pours even when I dance alone🌧️
By the time this mist clears🌫️
I’ll run with my feet wet👣
So hug me then🤗
Behind the faint smile that looked at me🙃
I will draw a beautiful purple shade💜
We may not be on the same page
But I want to walk this path with you👣👣
Still with you🤗😉💜

– JK😉😉


Hi guys!🙃🐻

How are you??

I hope you all are doing well.😀

Today I am going to write about a very small yet very huge word LIFE…❣️❣️❣️

So I was checking my insta feeds this morning and I came across a news that a very well known young actor took his life out of depression. I was thinking that few years back he might not have imagined in his thousands of thoughts that someday he will end his life like this.😟

This was just an example. We literally don’t know what life has planned for us. I myself came across many happy 😀 and sad☹️ moments in my life which I never thought would happen to me anyday.

How delicate this god gifted life is at one moment we have it in our hands🙌 and at another moment it just flies away from our fist ✊ like a feather🍁.One day you’re seeing something another day you don’t,it just vanishes.😶

Sometimes it becomes our teacher 👩‍🏫, sometimes our friend👭, yesterday it was a fight 🙅but now it’s a journey🏃 .There is so much that lies behind a four letter word life❣️. At one moment it breaks you and after few moments it will be your mender.😀

Now your ill life will be your medicine👩‍⚕️ in sometime.This is what life is indefinable and unpredictable.💜💙💜

These days I feel like I am on a journey 🏃 without knowing where I am going to reach just traveling, meeting different people👭 and different destinations🌆🏙️ on my way. The moment I think that I think this is my destination 🌄 life tells me no there are many more miles to go🧗 . I started with few now I have many and there will be many more. I am grateful for this💜💜💜. There are many people who are helping me in my journey🤗 and there are many whom I am helping🤗🤗. How beautiful it is.😍🤩

Well I think I have expressed what I want to you can share your views as well. Of you like it please press like button.

See you soon…

Your Winter bear...🐻🐻🐻

A dream…


Hello guys,

I am Your Winter bear…🐻🐻🐻

Back again…

Today I am going to talk about DREAMS🌈🌈🌈 don’t it sounds wonderful and magical.It not only sounds magical but it is actually a magical and beautiful world where you can do whatever you want,you can meet with whom you want to.

Let me tell you what it means for me…🐻

When I was small every night I dream about things what I wanted to be true in real life but it can’t like being a rockstar🕺🏻, living a great life in abroad🤩 and sometimes I dreamt about being Cinderella ❣️. I know it’s 🤮 but I was so small that I can’t differentiate between the things which contains the tag called “cool”😏

It was a magical world ✨ for me where I can do anything…then…

After sometime I got promoted to be a teenager…🙅…

I think you can understand this is the time where we do stuffs that are far away from the stuffs that we actually should do…😆Like others I also got involved in crushes💜and all…

Well sorry… actually my hormones were getting crazy that time😝 and I don’t know what sort of fight I was fighting with myself but it continued for very long time and its ending left me awestruck till today…

So I was using my dreams🌈 to escape the reality which I never wanted to face and for living few magical moments ✨ with my crush, which I can never imagine in my real life…That’s the magic of dreams🌈 it really takes you far away from harsh reality which nobody wants to face…

But life teaches everything for some people sooner and for others latter…No matter whatever you do you just can’t escape your reality. You have to face it at every point of life…

Now I am an teen minded adult🙄…

By this life actually taught me what real dream🌈 is it’s not what you see with close eyes it’s something which can’t let you close your eyes…It’s not something which you see by being away from others,it’s something which you see for being with others…

If I talk about dream about which I talked before now it helps me to live few magical moments with my father❤️ because I can’t afford traveling to eternity…and to live a few moments with my crush💜 because that person doesn’t even knows my existence 😞

Actually this is what life is…You can’t get everything you want and neither can hold anything. Sometimes money helps but for few things only.

This was what dream meant to me let me know your views about it…🙃🙃🙃

Bye Bye,🤗🤗🤗

With lots of love,

Your Winter bear,🐻💜🐻

Just a beginning…💙💙💙

Hi! Guys!!!!

This is my first blog…I don’t know what made you interested in this but I am thankful to all of you came across this…🤗🤗🤗…. Actually right now I am a new blogger,so I don’t know how to write intellectual blogs and also I don’t want to sell or do any sort of marketing in this…I made this blog to share my everyday experiences, thoughts,any new stuff etc….🤩🤩🤩…If in any way you feel connected to it or had any similar experiences in your life you can share with me through comment section or on my email… kritiii444@gmail.com…So that I can share your stories and your experiences as well…and maybe find solutions as well…. because… together we bear…🐻🐻🐻

By the way I am an army…I found them very soothing what about yours…what you do to relax your self…can share with me in comment section…💜💜💜

Bye bye…🤗🤗🤗